Format Paperback
Publication Date 10/12/11
ISBN 9781605981932
Trim Size / Pages 8.2 x 5.5 in / 272

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James Bond: License Renewed

A Novel

John Gardner

For the first time in trade paperback—with new introductions—the novels that began John Gardner's career as the author of the thrilling James Bond 007 series.

In License Renewed, the most famous secret agent in the world pits his nerve and cunning against a dangerously deranged opponent—one prepared to sacrifice most of the Western world to prove that only he can make it safe from accidental holocaust. As the seconds tick away on the valued Rolex Oyster Perpetual, the world comes nearer this ironic annihilation; Bond comes nearer a frightful death and ever nearer Miss Lavender Peacock.

Thriller writer John Gardner (1926-2007) had fifty-five books to his credit when he passed away, many of them bestsellers, which include his trilogy of James Moriarty novels. 

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Endorsements & Reviews

“A remarkably successful recreation of everybody’s favorite action man.” Sunday Telegraph
“No fan will fail to be caught up in the world-scale adventure of License Renewed. The dear old formula of the Mad Scientist is also renewed, with great success; and the Girl—with a splendidly improbable name of course—is a worthy addition to the famous gallery of Bond's beauties.” Financial Times
“The detail to this novel is superb, rivaling Mr. Fleming's master touch. The characters are fully developed and he introduces a few long staying characters like Q'ute—Major Boothroyd's assistant. The action, torture scene and final climatic fight onboard the plane were masterfully handled.” (James Bond Fan Site)