Format Hardcover
Publication Date 11/16/15
ISBN 9781605988917
Trim Size / Pages 9.3 x 6.4 in / 336

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Young Elizabeth

The Making of the Queen

Kate Williams

A lively and poignant biography of the young princess who, at the impressionable age of eleven, found that she was now heiress to the throne, by the New York Times bestselling author of Becoming Queen Victoria.

We can hardly imagine a Britain without Elizabeth II on the throne. It seems to be the job she was born for. And yet for much of her early life the young princess did not know the role that her future would hold. She was our accidental Queen. Elizabeth's determination to share in the struggles of her people marked her out from a young age. Her father initially refused to let her volunteer as a nurse during the Blitz, but relented when she was 18 and allowed her to work as a mechanic and truck driver for the Women's Auxiliary Territorial Service. It was her forward-thinking approach that ensured that her coronation was televised, against the advice of politicians at the time. Kate Williams reveals how the 25-year-old young queen carved out a lasting role for herself amid the changes of the 20th century. Her monarchy would be a very different one to that of her parents and grandparents, and its continuing popularity in the 21st century owes much to the intelligence and elusive personality of this remarkable woman.

Kate Williams is the author of the New York Times bestseller Becoming Queen Victoria, which was the inspiration for the Academy Award-winning film The Young Victoria, starring Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend as Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. She is also the author of Ambition & Desire, a biography of Josephine Bonaparte. Kate works as CNN's British royalty and historical expert. She lives in England.

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Endorsements & Reviews

“This lively, gossipy narrative offers a sympathetic portrait of a young woman whose path to the throne resulted from two unexpected events: the abdication of her uncle, Edward VIII, which made her father King George VI; and her father's early death, which elevated 25-year-old Elizabeth to queen of England. A celebratory and entertaining royal biography.” Kirkus Reviews
“A briskly written, admirably probing, and sympathetically voiced exploration of the elements that went into the formation of the woman we now know to be a very successful monarch.” Booklist (starred review)
“Offering a gracious yet honest viewpoint of the strengths and weaknesses of the longest-reigning monarch, Williams tours Elizabeth’s beginning years and illuminates the often overlooked humanity of her personal life. This eloquent and engaging account will appeal to those interested in British history and the early life of Queen Elizabeth II.” Library Journal
“Williams (Becoming Queen Victoria) dives into the life of the U.K.’s reigning monarch. She documents the ease with which Elizabeth, with her penchant for order and composure, fell into her new role. The research is all-encompassing.” Publishers Weekly
“Williams has penned a biography that draws us in and makes us feel as though we're intimately acquainted with a woman who is recognized by millions but truly known by just a few.”
“Fascinating insights make this a worthwhile, enjoyable read.” The Daily Telegraph
“An airy and affectionate account of Princess Lilibet's upbringing and ascension to the throne.” The Sunday Telegraph
“An accomplished history, told with literary grace and intellectual confidence.” BBC History Magazine
“It is a fascinating story.” Good Book Guide