Format Hardcover
Publication Date 02/05/19
ISBN 9781643130132
Trim Size / Pages 9.3 x 6.3 in / 608

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The Story of Britain

A History of the Great Ages: From the Romans to the Present

Roy Strong

An authoritative and sweeping history of Britain from the Romans to the present day—in a newly revised edition for the next generation of readers.

The Story of Britain is an accessible one-volume history that clearly depict Britain's origins—and explain how the past shaped the nation's current identity. He begins the story of Britain from the very earliest recorded Celtic times, and with this new edition has now brought it up to date via the Blair years and into the present day of Brexit Britain.  A magnificently eloquent volume, the narrative chronicles two thousand years of Britain's history, the triumph of its people, the glory of its culture, and its dramatic influence on other nations of the world, especially the United States. It is a remarkable achievement and, with his passion, enthusiasm and wide-ranging knowledge, Strong is the ideal narrator. The book is ideally suited for everyone who cares about Britain's past.

Sir Roy Strong was Director of the National Portrait Gallery and the Victoria & Albert Museum. He is the author of forty books on a wide variety of subjects. He has recently reissued two volumes of his diaries: Splendours and Miseries and Scenes and Apparitions. He lives in England.

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Endorsements & Reviews

“Every student of English history will enjoy this story, which is delightfully easy to read and remarkable for its insights into the deepest consequences of individual actions.” Kirkus Reviews (starred)
“Impressively researched, organized and presented, The Story of Britain will prove to be an extraordinary and enduringly valued addition to community, college, and university library British History collections and supplemental studies curriculums.” Midwest Book Review
“Britain's history is critical to understanding world history, and of all the books on the subject, Roy Strong's is among the most accessible. He brings to life a brilliant cast of historical characters, making sharp and telling observations about each. Strong intersperses his discussion of kings and wars with discourses on writers, composers, scientists, and other ideological trailblazers, drawing these varied threads through the larger tapestry of his story.” Christian Science Monitor
“A triumph.” Amanda Foreman, #1 New York Times bestselling author
“History at its best.” Antonia Fraser, #1 New York Times bestselling author
“Classic popular history.” Andrew Roberts, New York Times best selling author
“An admirably conceived and richly enjoyable book.” The Times Literary Supplement
“An instant classic.” A.N. Wilson The Evening Standard