Format Hardcover
Publication Date 02/15/16
ISBN 9781605989501
Trim Size / Pages 9.3 x 6.5 in / 656

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Son of the Morning

A Novel

Mark Alder

In an epic novel that reimagines the Hundred Years War—in a world where angels and demons choose sides on the battlefield—England and France find themselves locked in a holy war, but which country has God's favor?

England, 1337: Edward III is beset on all sides, plagued by debt and surrounded by doubters. He refuses to pay homage to the newly crowned Philip Valois of France and seeks to secure his French holdings, but he's outmanned. Philip can put 50,000 men in the field, but he is having his own problems: he has summoned the angels themselves to fight for France, but the angels refuse to fight. Both kings send priests far and wide, seeking holy relics and heavenly beings to take up the cause of their country, but God remains stubbornly silent, refusing to grant favor to either side.

Meanwhile, among the poor and downtrodden, heretical whispers are taking hold: what if God—who has never been seen to do anything for them—is not the rightful leader of the heavens after all? And as Edward’s situation becomes increasingly desperate, even his counselors begin to believe that if God won’t listen, perhaps they can find a savior not from Heaven, but from Hell.

In a sweeping tale packed with courtiers and kings, knights and priests, and devils and angels, Mark Alder breathes fresh and imaginative life into the Hundred Years War in this unique historical epic.

Mark Alder writes for The Guardian and lives in Brighton with his wife and daughter.

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Endorsements & Reviews

“Alder manages to reinvent the historical wheel. In order for a historical fantasy to seem plausible and draw the reader in completely, the fantastical elements need to be interwoven flawlessly into the narrative. Alder does an excellent job of showing how important angels and demons are to success in this alt-medieval world.” Bookreporter
“The infusion of angels, demons, and devils into a novel of medieval history is so realistic one wonders why it hasn’t been done before. A massive cast of characters, both fictional and historical, add to the rich complexity. Since the story ends before the war concludes, one hopes a sequel will be forthcoming. This dramatic retelling of the events of the Hundred Years’ War will find an audience with fans of historical and fantastical fiction.” Library Journal
“Fans of alternate history leavened with wry humor will enjoy this fast-moving epic from the author of the Wolfsangel series. Alder effectively employs a large cast, including historical figures as well as his own inventions, while making it easy for the reader to keep track of who’s who.” Publishers Weekly
Son the Morning is a smart, gripping historical fantasy.” SFX (Five Stars)
“Mark Alder offers us Son of the Morning, a novel in the currently fashionable fantasy-history genre, set in the early years of the Hundred Years War. It's a war fought on earth but also in the heavens—angels and demons share in the Anglo-French conflict. Religion (Christian and pagan), magic, politics and potent emotions all go into the mix. Perhaps that mix was a reality in the 1330s and 40s. Perhaps it still is. Alder's pages stir up the primeval. Be warned!” D. K. Wilson, author of The Traitor's Mark
“A bold, daring, and utterly original plunge into an alternate universe, one that exists by its own rules, and yet is eerily familiar. Son of the Morning is a breathtakingly imaginative retelling of history as it has never been told before.” Donald Smith, author of The Constable's Tale
“A stunning novel. Like a master magician, Mark Alder prises open the pages of history to reveal the truly fantastical world hiding behind real events, one where angels and demons rub shoulders with kings and commoners. Highly addictive.” Mark Chadbourn, author of Time of the Wolf
“What the author has accomplished here is nothing short of remarkable, providing a rich window into an alternative history that hits all the right notes. It is a novel that demands to be read.” Fantasy Book Review
“The author puts us in the heads of many fascinating characters. An appreciation of metaphor and the tropes of the paranormal should make the seven hundred pages worth the read.” Historical Novels Society