Format Hardcover
Publication Date 01/07/14
ISBN 9781605984933
Trim Size / Pages 9.3 x 6.3 in / 356

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A Thriller in Napoleon's Paris

James McGee

Rebellion is brewing in Napoleonic Paris in the fourth adventure in the rollicking Regency thriller series featuring enigmatic Matthew Hawkwood

October 1812: Britain and France are still at war.  France is engaged on two battle fronts—Spain and Russia—and her civilians are growing weary of the fight. Rebellion is brewing. Since Napoleon Bonaparte appointed himself as First Consul, there have been several attempts to either kill or overthrow him. All have failed, so far! Meanwhile in London, Bow Street Runner Matthew Hawkwood has been seconded to the foreign arm of the Secret Service. There, he meets the urbane Henry Brooke, who tells him he's to join a colleague in Paris on a special mission. Brooke's agent has come up with a daring plan and he needs Hawkwood's help to put it into action. If the plan is successful it could lead to a negotiated peace treaty between France and the allies. Failure would mean prison, torture and a meeting with the guillotine.

James McGee grew up in Gibraltar, Germany, and Northern Ireland. He has traveled extensively in Europe, the United States, Australia and the Far East, but nowadays resides in Somerset, England. Five books from his Hawkwood series are available from Pegasus Books: Hawkwood, Resurrectionist, Rapscallion, Rebellion and The Blooding.

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Endorsements & Reviews

“A darkly attractive hero, terrific period atmosphere and action that moves so fast.” The TImes (London)
“McGee is a master of the historical thriller, creating fiction that remains true to historical fact. He is a highly accomplished writer, who adroitly weaves in subplots and switches points of view. His prose is visceral and evocative.” Pittsburg Post-Gazette
“Irresistible! Rambunctious entertainment.”
“A richly enjoyable and impressively researched novel—also very gripping. James McGee is clearly a rising star in the historical galaxy and I look forward to Hawkwood’s return.” Andrew Taylor, author of The American Boy