Format Hardcover
Publication Date 02/23/23
ISBN 9781639362660
Trim Size / Pages 6 x 9 in / 352

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Paris Requiem

A Novel

Chris Lloyd

A gripping World War II murder mystery—and a beautifully drawn portrait of Paris under Nazi occupation—with compelling and conflicted hero Detective Eddie Giral at its heart.

Paris, 1940.

As the city adjusts to life under Nazi occupation, Detective Eddie Giral struggles to reconcile his job as a policeman with his new role enforcing a regime he cannot believe in, but must work under.

He's sacrificed so much in order to survive in this new world, but the past is not so easily forgotten. When an old friend—and an old flame—reappear, begging for his help, Eddie must decide how far he will go to help those he loves.

The notion of justice itself quickly becomes as dangerous, blurred, and confused as the war itself. And Eddie’s morale compass, ever on unreliable foundations, will be questioned again and again as the ravages of the German occupation steadily attempt to grind him—and the city he loves—into submission.

Negotiating a path between resistance and collaboration, he can remain a good man and do nothing—or risk everything he has achieved in a desperate act of resistance.

Chris Lloyd is the author of The Unwanted Dead (Orion), winner of the Historical Writer’s Association Gold Crown Award. Paris Requiem is his first novel to be published in America. He lived in Catalonia for over twenty years, falling in love with the people, the country, the language and Barcelona Football Club. Chris now lives in Wales, where he is at work on his next novel.

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Endorsements & Reviews

Praise for Chris Lloyd’s Detective Eddie Giral series:
“Terrific.” The Sunday Times (London)
“Sharp and compelling.” The Sun (London)
“A thoughtful, haunting thriller.” Mick Herron, international bestselling author of Slough House
“In Detective Eddie Giral, Chris Lloyd has created a flawed hero not just for occupied Paris, but for our own times, too.” Katherine Stansfield, author of The Mermaid’s Call
“Such a powerful and morally nuanced crime novel. A gripping murder mystery and a vivid recreation of Paris under German occupation.” Andrew Taylor, author of The Royal Secret
“A terrific read—it put me in mind of Alan Furst and Philip Kerr. Gripping and well-paced. The period atmosphere is excellent.” Mark Ellis, author of Princes Gate
“A police story with a difference, sepia-painted to match the time and circumstances, with a convincing background and atmosphere, skillfully drawn to encompass the fates of the lead characters as if you were there by their side. Well-written and carefully researched, it is one to stay with you long after you have finished reading.” Shots Magazine
“Chris Lloyd's wartime Paris is rougher than Alan Furst's, and Eddie Giral, his French detective, is way edgier than Philip Kerr's Bernie Gunther. Ranks alongside both for its convincingly cloying atmosphere of a city subjugated to a foreign power, a plot that reaches across war-torn Europe and into the rifts in the Nazi factions, and a hero who tries to be a good man in a bad world. Powerful stuff.” The Times (London)
“Excellent. In Eddie Giral, Lloyd has created a character reminiscent of Philip Kerr's Bernie Gunther, oozing with attitude and a conflicted morality that powers a complex, polished plot. Historical crime at its finest.” Vaseem Khan, author of Midnight at Malabar House
“Monumentally impressive. I'm blown away. A truly wonderful book. If somebody'd given it to me and told me it was the latest Robert Harris, I wouldn't have been surprised. Eddie Giral is a wonderful creation.” Alis Hawkins, author of Not One of Us