Format Hardcover
Publication Date 02/15/15
ISBN 9781605986791
Trim Size / Pages 9.3 x 6.4 in / 480

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End of Days

A Novel of Medieval England

James Wilde

The forgotten saga of England's real-life Robin Hood—Hereward—continues in this new brutal and thrilling novel set during the latter days of the Norman Conquest.

England, 1071.

Five years have passed since the crushing Norman victory at the Battle of Hastings. The country reels under the savage rule of the new king, the one they call 'the Bastard.' The North has been left a wasteland—villages razed, innocents put to the sword, land stolen. It seems no atrocity is too great to ensure William's grip upon the crown. 

And now he turns his cold gaze east, towards the last stronghold of the English resistance. After years of struggle, he will brook no further challenge to his power: his vast army masses and his siege machines are readied.

In their fortress on the Isle of Ely, the English have put their faith in the only man who might defeat the murderous invaders. He is called Hereward. He is a warrior and a master tactician - as adept at slaughter as his enemy and plans have been been set in motion for a bloody uprising that will sweep the Norman king off the throne once and for all.

But Hereward is missing. With their hopes of victory dwindling, can the English rebels find the leader who seems to have abandoned them before William the Bastard begins his final, devastating assault that will truly be the end of days? Here is a tale of heroism and treachery—and the bloodiest rebellion England has ever known.

James Wilde, the pseudonym of Mark Chadbourn, a two-time winner of the prestigious British Fantasy Award, has written a number of widely praised modern fantasy novels. Wilde lives in the heart of a Mercian forest in England.

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Endorsements & Reviews

“Two mighty warriors play an uncharacteristic cat-and-mouse game in Norman England in Wilde’s saga about the legendary English insurgent, Hereward. This is the equally vivid yet alternate viewpoint to James Aitcheson’s series (Sworn Sword; The Splintered Kingdom) about the Norman conquest of England, which covers the same place and time period from the Norman perspective. Those who read novels for the history and the battle action will want to be familiar with both authors in order to judge which side to root for.” Library Journal
“This is a masterful tale, graphic and gory, and loaded with medieval history.” Publishers Weekly (starred review)
“With this fast-paced and exciting novel, we are drawn into Hereward’s world from the off. The battles are bloody, and the boggy landscape is as treacherous as those who walk it. Having enjoyed this book so much, I will be seeking out Hereward’s first two adventures and look forward to the next.” Historical Novel Society, Editor’s Choice
“James Wilde realizes his goal of turning an obscure historic character into a warrior legend.” Kirkus Reviews