Format Hardcover
Publication Date 04/02/24
ISBN 9781639365654
Trim Size / Pages 6 x 9 in / 320

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An Inconvenient Wife

A Modern Tudor Mystery

Karen E. Olson

This astonishing crime novel—inspired by the Tudor era—takes the reader into the world of Kate Parker, who has just married billionaire Hank Tudor when a headless body is discovered near their summer home . . .

Kate Parker knows what she’s getting into when she marries billionaire businessman Hank Tudor—she’s his sixth wife, after all, and was by his side (as his assistant) when his fifth marriage to actress Caitlyn Howard fell apart.

But honeymoon plans go awry when a headless body is discovered near Hank’s summer home, forcing Kate to contend with two more of his exes: Catherine Alvarez—the first—who lives as a shut-in with her computers, carefully following Tudor Enterprises; and Anna Klein—the fourth—who runs a bed-and-breakfast where she and her wife keep a steady eye on things—particularly Hank’s children, Lizzie and Teddy.

In this clever and suspenseful reimagining of Tudor era betrayals, these three women become entwined in a deadly game of cat and mouse—with each other, Hank, and Hank’s brilliant fixer, Tom Cromwell—as Kate seeks to solve the puzzle of who the murdered woman is, who killed her, and whether her death has any connection to the other headless body from eight years ago.

Karen E. Olson is the winner of the Sara Ann Freed Memorial Award and a Shamus Award finalist. She is the author of the Annie Seymour mysteries, the Tattoo Shop mysteries, and the Black Hat thrillers. Karen was a longtime editor, both in newspapers and at Yale University Press. She lives in New Haven, Connecticut.

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Endorsements & Reviews

“A Succession-esque update of Henry VIII, An Inconvenient Wife is sharp, suspenseful and deviously clever. Block out some time for this one—you'll want to read it in one sitting!” - Alison Gaylin, Edgar Award-winning author of The Collective

“Twisty, sly, and utterly unique, An Inconvenient Wife is a sinfully entertaining, one-sitting read. Don’t miss it!” Alafair Burke, New York Times bestselling author of Find Me
“An entertaining modern take on Henry VIII’s six wives. A complete page-turner!” - Naomi Hirahara, Mary Higgins Clark award winning author of Clark and Division

"Step aside Gone Girl, An Inconvenient Wife is the new sheriff in town. Everything old is new again. Olson not only proves it; she improves it.” Reed Farrel Coleman, New York Times bestselling author of Sleepless City
“By moving the story of Henry VIII to the present, Karen Olson performs magic, delivering a compulsively readable broken-marriage thriller with tons of twists and the beating heart of a historical. Intricately plotted, completely gripping and utterly original, An Inconvenient Wife is an absolute must-read.” Michele Campbell, internationally bestselling author of It's Always The Husband
"Obscenely wealthy Hank Tudor might imagine he’s king of his realm, but it’s the women around him who rule. Devious and delicious as a season of celebrity housewives, An Inconvenient Wife pulses with the intrigue of the most dangerous time in history to be a woman wedded to power. Beginning with an unidentified body, and at least one missing wife, the secrets and betrayals are non-stop. You’ll never see the killer ending coming!" Laura Benedict, Edgar-nominated author of The Stranger Inside
“An Inconvenient Wife is a truly captivating and often startling ‘what if’ adventure, both eerily familiar and entirely unknown. Karen E. Olsen brilliantly captures the psychological terror of the Tudor period, translating it into a vivid twenty-first century world. It is clever, captivating and oh-so-difficult to put down; the mystery deepens with every turn of the page. The book combines all the feminist fire of SIX with the dark familiar murder-mystery of Knives Out." Joanne Paul, author of The House of Dudley: A New History of Tudor England
“Kate Parker has just wed her boss, the six-times-married Titan of industry Hank Tudor, when the headless corpse of a woman is discovered on his land. But this is not the first one – some years before another decapitated female was found and never identified. Kate is hell-bent on finding out the truth. I thought I knew exactly where this was going but Olson kept me guessing with her twisty plot. Hugely entertaining, bursting with irony and all about the women – imagine The Tudors set in the world of Succession, by way of Jackie Collins. I was swept off my feet.” Elizabeth Fremantle, author of Disobedient and Queen's Gambit
Praise for Karen E. Olson:

“Olson steps up to a new storytelling level.” - The Baltimore Sun

“A sharply written and beautifully plotted story.” The Chicago Tribune
“A natural storyteller.” - Laura Lippman, New York Times bestseller author

“This electrifying series is an addictive page-turner with a stunner of a finale.” Kirkus Reviews
“An edge-of-your-seat thriller with surprises at every turn.” - Alison Gaylin, USA Today bestselling author

“Karen E. Olson knows this beat like the back of her hand.” - Michael Connelly, #1 New York Times bestselling author

“Takes the series to truly impressive territory. Absolutely everything a first-rate crime novel should be.” Lee Child, #1 New York Times bestselling author