Format Hardcover
Publication Date 09/05/12
ISBN 9781605984209
Trim Size / Pages in / 288

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A Door in the River

Inger Ash Wolfe

A Canadian police detective investigates a death by unnatural causes in this “bracingly original mystery series” from a “first-rate crime writer” (Publishers Weekly).

Stinging deaths aren’t uncommon in the summertime, but when Henry Wiest turns up stung to death at an Indian reservation, Detective Hazel Micallef senses not all is as it seems. And when it turns out the “bee” was a diabolical teenaged girl on a murder spree with a strange weapon, a dark and twisted crime begins to slowly emerge. The questions, contradictions, and bodies begin to mount, as two separate police forces struggle to work together to save the soul of Westmuir County.

A seasoned law-enforcement veteran juggling tough cases and the care of her grumpy elderly mother, Hazel Micallef has been called “a perfectly original charmer” by Gillian Flynn, while Kate Atkinson says “Wolfe had me from the first page . . . I absolutely loved Hazel Micallef.”

Inger Ash Wolfe is the pseudonym for the American-born Canadian novelist Michael Redhill. He is also the author of The Calling and The Taken.

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