Format Paperback
Publication Date 08/06/19
ISBN 9781643130682
Trim Size / Pages 9 x 6 in / 352

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The Ultimate Guide to Eating for Longevity

The Macrobiotic Way to Live a Long, Healthy, and Happy Life

Denny Waxman Susan Waxman

The ultimate guide on how to build and integrate healthy habits into your diet and lifestyle, revealing a more positive, balanced, and invigorating approach to long lasting health.

With modern “healthy” diets constantly flip-flopping on what foods to eat and focusing on restricting calories, individuals can be left confused, defeated, and unsatisfied. This new book by  acclaimed macrobiotic health and nutritional experts Denny and Susan Waxman leaves all negativity behind and brings to light a positive outlook on building one healthy habit at a time. “Great health is not achieved by taking away and restricting—it is achieved by adding healthier foods and lifestyle practices. One healthy choice leads to another healthy choice,” says Denny Waxman.

Readers will find healthy living easier than ever by learning how to apply these principles into a broad range of modern lifestyles and having the ability to go at their own pace. The book includes new recipes from Susan Waxman and clears up misinformation about food to give you understanding of how to achieve your best physical, spiritual, and mental health.

The Ultimate Guide to Eating for Longevity is not a diet fad but based on the world’s long-standing civilizations that have changed very little over time and make it clear that it is possible to live a long healthy life.

Denny Waxman has been actively involved in the fields of health and nutrition since 1969. Over the years he has counseled thousands of people with a vast array of health issues. Through his pioneering approach to lifestyle and diet, Denny continues to help individuals regain their spirit and energy. He lives in Philadelphia, where he runs the Strengthening Health Institute.

Susan Waxman is the co-Director and Executive Chef of the Strengthening Health Institute in Philadelphia.

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Endorsements & Reviews

“Anyone who reads this book and follows Denny Waxman’s advice will experience better health, greater happiness, and deeper insight into the meaning of life.” Tom Monte, author of 'The Compete Guide to Natural Healing' [praise for 'The Complete Macrobiotic Diet']
“Impressive. This book is your key to understanding these principles and putting them to work. This will change your life.” Neal D. Barnard, MD, President of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine [praise for 'The Complete Macrobiotic Diet']
“Accessible. Readers who have been interested in the macrobiotic diet but been intimidated may find this book a balanced and often common-sense guide.” Library Journal [praise for 'The Complete Macrobiotic Diet']
“Denny has been changing the world of conventional thinking regarding health for the past forty years and has had the courage to stand tall against the powerful forces of industry and government: my kind of character!” Craig Borten, Academy Award Nominee for Best Original Screenplay for 'Dallas Buyers Club' [praise for 'The Complete Macrobiotic Diet']