Format Paperback
Publication Date 10/08/19
ISBN 9781643132358
Trim Size / Pages 9 x 6 in / 352

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The Beginning of Everything

The Year I Lost My Mind and Found Myself

Andrea J. Buchanan

A real-life neurological mystery—and a captivating story of personal reinvention—by the New York Times bestselling author of The Daring Book for Girls.

Nominated for the PEN/E.O. Wilson Prize for Literary Science Writing Andrea Buchanan lost her mind while crossing the street one blustery March morning. The cold winter air triggered a coughing fit, and she began to choke. She was choking on a lot that day. A sick child. A pending divorce. The guilt of failing as a partner and as a mother. When the coughing finally stopped, she thought it was over. She could not have been more wrong. When she coughed that morning, a small tear ripped through her dura mater, the membrane covering the brain and spinal cord. In this luminous and moving narrative, Andrea reveals the astonishing story of this tumultuous year—her fraught search for treatment; how patients, especially women, fight to be seen as reliable narrators of their own experiences; and how her life-altering recovery process affected both her and her family. 

Andrea J. Buchanan is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book is the multimedia young adult novel Gift. Her other work includes the bestselling The Daring Book for Girls, Mother Shock, and six other books. Before becoming a writer, Andrea trained as a pianist, at the Boston Conservatory of Music and received her master's from the San Francisco Conservatory. Her last recital was at Carnegie Hall's Weill Recital Hall. She lives with her family in Philadelphia.

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Endorsements & Reviews

“Buchanan chronicles a year of physical and mental anguish in this disturbing memoir of an enigmatic illness. Buchanan is uncannily adept at describing pain and charting the snail’s pace of recovery; a former classical pianist, she takes up playing again, her practice becoming a brain-training method. Readers will be fascinated by this introspective medical journey and heartened by the simultaneous healing of a family.” Publishers Weekly
“Andrea J. Buchanan’s The Beginning of Everything explores the abrupt derailment of her ability to function and to think, due to an under-diagnosed disorder that can happen to anyone. The story of her difficult journey through diagnosis and treatment, and her inspiring self-designed rehab, is compelling for patients, caregivers, and readers alike.” Connie Deline, MD, Spinal CSF Leak Foundation
“Andrea J. Buchanan writes of being an unreliable narrator, but you will trust her with your life as she guides you through her perilous journey and shares her stunning meditations on mind and self and pain and time. The Beginning of Everything is truly ‘music emanating from a broken place,’ a breathtaking, life-affirming, gorgeously composed marvel.” Gayle Brandeis, author of The Art of Misdiagnosis and The Book of Dead Birds
““ I found The Beginning of Everything to be unputdownable, emotionally gripping, and devastatingly honest. It plunged me into the shock and aloneness of this sudden capsizing of a life, and the agony and confusion that followed; but ultimately it delivered me to a new understanding of body and mind and new hope. I felt deep sympathy throughout, and almost joyful relief at the end.” Rachel Simon, author of The Story of Beautiful Girl
“Buchanan documents the anxiety and thrill of new motherhood in a way that’s as entertaining as it is brave.” Philadelphia Weekly (Praise for MOTHER SHOCK)
“Buchanan writes in a graceful, down-to-earth style.” Brain, Child Magainze
“Potently honest. Buchanan’s capacity for self-reflection paves the path for all mothers to explore the complex feelings.                 ” Big Apple Parent