Format Hardcover
Publication Date 10/01/07
ISBN 9781933648705
Trim Size / Pages 8.5 x 5.9 in / 212

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The Art of Being Kind

Stefan Einhorn

Being kind in a genuine and positive way is an art, and while it frequently happens spontaneously, one can learn to integrate the “art” kindness into their personal and professional lives.

Einhorn believes it is the single most important factor in achieving success and satisfaction. Contrary to the cynical axiom, “nice guys finished last,” Einhorn makes the case that being a good person can make you happier, richer, more successful and fulfilled. Kindness is not always easy to put into practice—in all of life’s dilemmas, we calculate, whether consciously or subconsciously, what the consequences of our behavior—good or bad—is likely to be. It is this ethical intelligence that Einhorn helps the reader cultivate through five exercises, which will help readers tackle setbacks while reaping the benefits of being kind.

Stefan Einhorn, MD, PhD, is a chairman of the department of oncology-pathology at the Karolinsak Institute in Stockholm. The author of several books in the fields of popular medicine and philosophy of religion, including A Concealed God: Religion, Science, and the Search for Truth, he is a prominent lecturer both in Sweden and the United States.

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