Format Hardcover
Publication Date 07/07/20
ISBN 9781643131955
Trim Size / Pages 9 x 6 in / 336

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Signs of Life

A Doctor's Journey Around the Edges of the World

Stephen Fabes

In the tradition of Mountains Beyond Mountains , Dr. Stephen Fabes six year journey around the world by bicycle will challenge our concepts of medicine and health.

Spanning six years, seventy-five countries, six continents, and 53,568 miles, cyclist and doctor Stephen Fabes has experienced a world made massive by his bicycle. His invigorating debut book is part-travel narrative, part-medical memoir and is enriched with personal insight into his journey’s resonance with the lives and stories of the people he rides with along the way. From facing down leaping camel spiders and enduring landslides and deadly blizzards to surviving suspicion of espionage in China, Stephen Fabes’ wanderlust-inducing narrative was described by Bear Grylls as “an epic challenge.” This inspiring narrative is colored by a variety of rich landscapes— from remote cloud forests in Myanmar to sequestered Chechen refugees in the Caucuses. Searching for the edges of places, Stephen Fabes visits remote medical clinics and health systems on the edge of society and compares it to his time as a young doctor in the “west.” It’s a luminous, often gripping blend of cycling and true adventure combined with the marvels of medicine and healing.

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“An epic challenge.” Bear Grylls